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Located in Clarkdale,AZ (just 20min. From Sedona), Violettes Bakery Cafe is the happening Outdoor Cafe where the locals go for Breakfast, Brunch/ Lunch, Pastry and morning socializing. Our menu features 100% handmade, fresh food and pastry, assembled from the freshest ingredients. With an authentic French and Belgian menu, sure to bring culture and flavor into your life. Join us today.



Proud to Serve You

Founded in late 2014, Violettes bakery cafe is known for  our exquisite owner baked pastries, and secret house recipe Belgian waffles. We take pride in our hand rolled- all butter croissant, and hand kneaded brioche cinnamon rolls. But we did not stop there, we have amazing breakfast and lunch options, straight from Paris! Like our croque  madame  recipe brought back from Marais, Paris! Our Crêpes or Fresh baked baguette sandwiches. Our breakfast and lunch options are served from open at 7 AM until 2 PM, Tuesday-Saturday


Open Hours

Outdoor Patio Cafe or Take Away and Curbside pick up

Tuesday-Saturday 7am-2pm


Our Team

A Unique Mix

Mateo Cimedevilla


 Mateo Cimedevlla  has been on our team since 2017.  Not only do the customers love his incredible wit and charm, but we happen to like him too!  Mat is the go to man  if you need anything done. He is eager to make sure all of your needs are being met and that you are having the best experience possible at Violettes!

Chef Patricia Farley


Patricia Farley is one of the best chefs in the Verde.  She has been with us for a year, and we do not know what we would do without her! With her extensive chef history, cooking throughout Europe, she has a real flair for the European.  She is exactly the chef we needed  to give our French menu  it’s authentic specificities.

Amber Godina 

Owner/Pastry Chef

Amber Godina  has been working with food since 1994. In 2003 she started working with pastry and learning French pastry. Amber has done everything from teaching cooking classes, to cooking in restaurants, and working as head pastry chef of her  café- opened in 2015, and  after some training in Paris, her Patisserie that she opened in 2017 in Old Town Cottonwood.  She is now running/working at the Clarkdale location.

Nate “Duke”Russell 

Everything guy

Nate was one of the first members at Violettes bakery cafe. A true people person, That can literally fix anything! Having Nate on our team is a win-win!


Contact us

900 Main  St  Clarkdale,  AZ   86324 

928-821-6712 txt


900 Main  St  Clarkdale,  AZ   86324 

928-821-6712 txt

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